Top 10 Diabetic Supply and Insulin Cases-Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Being a diabetic means that you should always be ready to deal with emergencies of your blood sugars levels going too high or too low. While it’s important that you know what do in such situations, it is also imperative that you are organized with your diabetes medical supplies.

This will make it easier for you to reach your medication faster and prevent the condition from worsening. But without a special diabetic case supply organizer to store your diabetes medical supplies, you will have a rough time scrambling through your bag to find your diabetes supplies.

Diabetes cases organizers

Without a diabetes organizer, you are also more likely to be forgetful and increase the possibility of misplacing items. You are likely to forget refilling up essential equipment and medication. There will be many instances where you will be scrambling to reach your supplies. A diabetic supply case organizer will come in handy in such situations

What to Consider Generally

For non-insulin users, diabetic carrying cases will come in handy. These bags have specialized compartments where you can store your glucose meter case, lancing devices, medications and tests strips

If you use insulin you will need an insulin pen carrying case or insulin travel case cooler to keep your insulin at a cool temperature. This particular aspect will narrow down your choices to diabetic kits that have packs of ice or have a cooling lining.

Top 10 diabetic Travel supply case organizers and Insulin

With so many brands offering diabetic case supply organizers in the market, it can be challenging to find the best diabetes organizer. To reduce your frustration, we have compiled a list of top 10 diabetes organizers.

1. Insulin Cooler-Insulated Epipen Case

The Epipen case is a diabetic travel kit cooler designed to keep diabetics’ medication insulated and cool.

 You do not have to get stuck inside the house because you have medicine which needs cooling, this fridge-on-the-go will work just the same. It gives you the much-needed freedom to leave the confines of your home. Go to any destination knowing that you are having your drugs safely tucked away.

Built with non-toxic saline filled panels at the side, this diabetic kit bag allows you to just fill your medication and you are on your way. Slim and compact with a clutch size, the Epipen case fits well into the description of a great diabetic travel bag. You can easily throw it in your purse, briefcase or gym bag.

This diabetic case  organizer  maintains room temperature well for your medication. It comes with sturdy straps to keep your pens and vials. Further, it keeps all your medical supplies in one place. The wallet is large enough to handle once-a-week injection pens. All you have to do is to put the wallet in a freezer overnight. In the morning, you just pile in your medication, and you are ready to go.

The wallet does an excellent job of transporting your insulin pens while you are on the move. You will not have to worry about how to keep your medication up to the end of the journey. This wallet will hold it just fine. It is advisable not to keep the travel bag in the freezer. The insulation assists in keeping the pen maintain room temperature. Traveling with your Forteo pen, it would fit well in this carry case. Insulin will still be cold by the time you reach your destination even for 20 hour periods of travel.

The wallet is sturdy, well made from durable and high-quality material. It will last you a lifetime. It comes with a 12 months guarantee from the manufacturer.
This diabetic supply case is perfect when taking HCG injections onboard a plane. The Epipen case has a handy zip which holds all your medicine securely in the wallet. It works well for regular tourist travel.

However, there are a few misgivings with this diabetic supply case as well. Cartridges fall out of the vial holder. Pen needles do not fit so well. And, its exterior breaks down after a few months of usage. Overall it is one of the best diabetes organizers you will get because of its awesome cooling features.

The Insulpak travel bag is a temperature sensitive storage for medicine. This diabetic organizer case will cool your medicine for up to 30 hours. With 10 inches wide x 7.5 inches high x 2.5 inches deep, it has ample space to accommodate all your supplies. You it to store supplies including needles, syringes, and other medicine.

 Get to know the state of your contents with an electronic temperature display which gives accurate readings. This sturdy and well-constructed diabetes organizer has two sides. One haS a 3-inch Velcro flap storage pocket measuring 9 x 5 x 3 inches thick. It also comes with an open area same as the bag having four plastic loops.

 The freezing compartment of this wallet has the same pocket. It will hold many of your pens and vials. You will also love the new net inside for keeping the ice pack. The Insulpak is big enough to hold enough supplies to last you more than a week.

With a shoulder strap, this diabetes organizer has a 24 oz ice block which you put in the freezer. To get more from this diabetes supply kit, add another thin ice pack. Adding some layers of cardboard to boost its performance is also recommended. You place them in the various pockets of the wallet to enhance on insulation.

The Insulpak is versatile and flexible to allow arrangements of different contents. However, there are complaints about ice packs moving away significantly from their storage space. Also, the gel pack squishes in the middle creating a big ball in the center of the bag. This creates a distortion in its fitting.

The Banting diabetic supply case is a stylish case for holding Type II diabetic supplies. Made from high-quality material, this supply case holds all diabetes testing essentials. It has a carrying capacity of 2 insulin pens. Whatever the size of your glucose meter, this has all the qualities of a good glucose meter carrying case. Keep organized in style while on the move with three interior plastics. Add a mesh zipper pocket and a removable waste pouch to make this one of the best diabetes organizers on the market. Dispose off used test strips in the waste pouch. The Banting diabetes wallet has an additional Velcro pocket.

The interior of this case has a main pocket with Velcro big enough for holding CGMs. The Banting supply case will keep your Omnipod or Genteel lancing device just fine. With dimensions measuring 7 x 4.25 x 1.75 inches, this diabetes supply case weighs 6.4 ounces. This supply case comes with three zippered pouches.

You can use one which measures 2 x 3 inches for trash. Use the other to keep pen needles. The third one will fit your test strips bottle and glucose meter. No more worrying about your meter getting scratched. The value for this case is worth every penny.
You will love the elastic bands in this diabetic  case. They hold everything in place, and you can quickly pull something out. The Banting diabetic supply case has an excellent construction with lots of room for all your supplies. It’s built with quality leather to make it have a luxurious look. Your diabetic supplies are in good hands when in this case. You will not have to worry about them the case gets tossed around or drops to the floor.

The case has good stitching with high-quality material coupled with great organization. However, you will notice that the zipper has a habit of getting stiff. But that should not scare you. Regular use will loosen it up. This fantastic case does a commendable job of carrying all the things to keep you alive.
This bag is good quality and sturdy with a zipper which will last for ages. The diabetic organizer however, could better with a trendier design. Some people wished it had elastic straps. It would be great to hold a Glucometer instead of having to take it out of the pouch every time.

4. Medical Insulin Cooler Travel Bag with Cooling Panels

The Medical Insulin Cooler Travel Bag is a Fridge-to-go for people who need to chill their diabetic supplies. When using this diabetic’s kit organizer, freeze the thin insulated pack overnight for not less than 12 hours. The extra drawstring bag will help keep the case clean. This kit will maintain the coolness of your phone when traveling with temperature sensitive medications.

You do not have to rely on gel ice packs when using the Medical Cooler Travel Bag. It uses two inbuilt panels. These are filled with non-toxic saline. What’s more, these panels are not replaceable. More so, they cannot be removed from the diabetic supply organizer. So, you will not have to worry about forgetting to replace them or getting lost. The organizer comes in a slim, compact size which fits in one hand. Use this diabetes organizer case to cool your medication to room temperature. It is a handy diabetes organizer for travel and active lifestyle scenarios. Keep this accessory year round. You will have no reason to worry about the safety of your medicine.

It is one of the best diabetes organizers made from durable material. Keep all your diabetes supplies in one place. So, you will not have to fiddle around when an emergency situation occurs. Travel with this diabetes organizer and get convenience to make your life easier. It’s so easy to carry around. It does not require batteries, ice bricks or external power source.

5. Myabetic Thompson Diabetes Travel Case

The Myabetic Thompson Travel Case is a diabetic supply kit which can accommodate all your medical supplies. This supply case keeps all your glucose monitoring tools, syringes, insulin pens in one place. It comes with four-layers lined with high-quality insulation material to cool your diabetes medicine.
This diabetes supply case is ideal for jet setters. Use it when traveling and carry all your medication organized in a single place.

The Thompson diabetes organizer has four separated compartments. This comes along with a central section whose zipper opens completely. Further, it is fitted with two zipper pockets with mesh and elastic loops six in number. You will love its signature detachable waste pouch. You use this to dispose of test strips and other supplies after use. It’s not big but offers enough storage for all your supplies. It has a large detachable zipper pouch with a slitter pocket for test strips. Store your grab-and-go stuff when embarking on short-term expeditions.

You can use this case as shoulder bag. It comes with a nice removable strap which you just slip on your shoulders and set off. It is neat and comes in a choice of beautiful colors. The Thompson diabetes case endures plenty of use both day and night. It will still be going strong with more usage. Though it comes with a premium price, you get value for your money. The bag is made with quality artistry. It’s made of sturdy nylon material to withstand many periods of usage.

Added beautiful leather handles provide enough support when this diabetes carrying case is loaded with your life-saving drugs. With a metal zipper which pulls strongly, this diabetic supply case is worth it. However, the metal tab when frequently pulled gets in a bind with the real zipper. It takes extra effort to get the zipper back on track if you need it zipped or unzipped. However, the Thompson travel case is well made. You will love it.

The Frio Cooling wallet is a great asset for keeping your insulin cool even in hot weather. Your EpiPen Jr will remain cool on sunny days while at a pool party.

This diabetes organizer is best for supplies which may spoil when exposed to heat but do need refrigeration. It keeps insulin at a reasonable temperature on hot summer days.
Use this diabetes carrying case to maintain your supplies at very warm temperature for several days.

 The Frio cooling wallet does not require electricity to keep your supplies cool. Use it for more than 48 hours even without recharging. This means that you can use this case even in the remotest corners of the world. It uses an evaporative cooling system which keeps insulin cool even when the temperature reaches 100 degrees.

The Frio cooling wallet has plenty of room. It can hold up to hold 3 Epipens.

Equipped with water bead technology, it is super easy to use. You get extra padding for medicine vials. It over-delivers on its promise. The Frio diabetes supply case will keep your medication cool during your journey without having to be reactivated. When crossing borders, this diabetes kit bag will not get red flagged by security. The central concept of this pouch is to keep your supplies from getting above room temperature in hot weather.

This cooling wallet however, does not live to its promise of keeping things refrigerated cool. It works best when it’s the other way round. It does not maintain actual cold temperature to match a refrigerator. So, it’s not useful for medicine which is very sensitive to heat.

The love bug diabetes case is the best diabetic product. The heart/butterfly shaped bag is ideal for young girls with help them carry essential diabetes supplies such as lancet needles, a glucose meter, lancing devices etc. It is a comforting, stylish, cute and friendly bag. It is made from superior materials that make it a high quality measures 6.5" x 9" x 3.25" inches.

The colors are vibrant and the surface is easy to has two compartments that provides enough space to hold additional materials. Interior shaped pockets can be removed to provide more space. It is durable as materials used to make it are of great quality.

It is also strong to withstand heavy use.

8. Leather Diabetes Supply Case from Betic Bag

This superbly defined leather case provides ample space for insulin and supplies. It has supplementary room for business and credit cards. It also has an oblong pocket for keeping cash and a wrist strap. The wrist strap helps to keep the case safe. It can also be easily tucked away measures 8.75 x 6.5x 2.25 inches

It is firmly stitched and padded making it durable. Apart from supplies; it holds lancet device, insulin vials, blood glucose meter, swabs, up to 10 needles etc.

9. Diabetes Organizer for Glucose Tablets and Other Supplies.

Diabetes organizer is a great case, specially designed for individuals with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. It has many compartments that provide more room for storage of test strips and insulin bottles. It can accommodate a larger ice pack than most diabetic cases that provides more cooling time.

It has an interior loop that is well designed to store glucose tablets. Diabetes organizer case is made of a durable fabric material to withstand heavy weight and long last. It measures 9.5 x 2.5 x 6 inches.

10. Sugar Medical Ryan Mini Meter Diabetes Bag

Sugar medical Ryan case is a compact, great bag to store diabetic supplies in a weathered and leathered canvas. It has a belt loop in the can fit all glucose meters currently available in the market using robust 3m Velcro hook and loop system. The 3m Velcro easily secures the bag.

It has elastic loops to hold supplies such as test strips, alcohol swabs, medication and nylon pocket for your lancing device. It canvas brown in color. It measures 6 in x 3.5 inches.

Fashionable diabetes meter cases
Gone are the days when all diabetes supply cases came in the same plain design and black color. You can now get yourself a diabetes supply carrying case which will make you want to move with your glucose meter everywhere. These is a growing selection of styles and designs making moving with diabetes supplies case so cool. Now there is fashion and style to having diabetes! These bags come in material which is easy to wipe clean.
The interior is made of silver-pack material. You can use a bag like this for a variety of purposes. It can be used as an over the shoulder bag or as a wristlet. Its removable wrist and shoulder straps bring out its interchangeable properties. There’s no better time to bring fashion to carrying diabetes supplies.

Sporty diabetes cases
Ladies prefer their diabetes cases to be designed like purses. But men and boys would most likely prefer a diabetic supply kit which is fashionable and yet masculine. Trendy diabetes cases are available for those who desire a sporty design. You can get one with a photo of your choice. Plus they are easy to clean. Sleek in design, measuring about 7 x 4 inches. They are available in many colors including faux leather. You can easily slip this diabetes organizer into a brief case, portfolio or gym bag. For professionals, get yourself a messenger bag which comes with a zip-out compartment.

Diabetic kit cases for kids
For kids with diabetes, moving around with a dull looking bag of diabetes medication is a real bummer. It becomes so awkward among their peers. They have to carry it around all the time which is a discomfort. Your child can cope better in this situation is he gets a bag which fits his style. Yes, moving around with a stylish bag of diabetes supplies if super cool! Your kid may become proud to tote his cool diabetes supply bag around.

Choose a durable diabetes supply organizer especially if the child is younger. One with more padding is preferable. You can reinforce the interior of the organizer with padding foam. Even if it drops, its contents will still remain intact. It should have elastic loops and net pockets to hold all the child’s supply items. It has to be compact and lightweight so that it does not cause discomfort.

 For active kids, a waist pouch is ideal. This will not shift during vigorous activity. Some come with a trash pocket. This is useful for disposing of used test strips.
Others have extra perks like acting as a holder for credit cards, cell phone and driver’s license. Stick a photo and information about your child.

When he forgets it somewhere, it will be easy for a Good Samaritan to locate the owner. Educate you child about how to cope with diabetes by helping them pick a supply kit organizer of their choice. They will become confident about expressing any discomforts when managing diabetes.

What to Look For When Choosing a Diabetes Organizer
A diabetic case is an important part of any person who has issues with their blood sugar level. It helps keep your supplies safe and in a stable condition​

 A diabetic supply kit also helps carry all your medication in the same place. This comes in handy when an emergency occurs. However, with so many brands in the market, choosing a diabetes case can be bothersome and confusing. When selecting a best diabetic organizer, this is what to look for.

Always go for a diabetic organizer which is portable. It has to be small in size but with the capacity to withstand a heavy load. A compact wallet is safe as you can just slip it into your backpack or gym bag.

 The organizer has to be light but with the capacity to carry work as a glucose meter carrying case as well. A clutch-sized but classy exterior is an excellent design. This appeals to trendy people mostly females and professionals. Others might prefer one with should straps to work as a shoulder bag. An excellent diabetes organizer keeps all your supplies in one place.

There are some bags which come with extra pouches to give additional storage. An extra velcro pocket will be useful to keep consumable and diabetes supplies. Also, others come with a bag for disposing of used material.

Suitability to your needs
All people with diabetes have different requirements to cope with diabetes. So, each individual person needs special kind of medicine. There are diverse types of diabetes carrying cases to match individual needs. If your medication is high temperature sensitive, go for an organizer which can deliver. The diabetes organizer needs to have the capacity to maintain your medication at the required room temperature at all times. Imagine keeping medicine in a wallet which cannot live up to its billing.

There are diabetes organizers whose purpose is to maintain room temperature for your medicine when no cooling is required. This works for particular medicine. Making a wrong choice for an organizer will lead to wastage of your medicine. Also, avoid putting your health at risk by going for the best diabetes organizers in the market. It’s a good gesture to do due diligence before coming up with a final selection.

There are a lot of diabetes organizers on the market. However, each comes at a different price. When looking to buy one, go for that which fits your budget. It is helpful when you need to go out of your home. Your medicine keeps well in a diabetes supply back just the same as in a fridge. Price determines the functionalities the organizer has. Going for the cheapest on the market might not be a good idea. It’s not right to save a few bucks but end up getting little on expected value. This is your health we are talking about here. A diabetes organizer is a lifesaver. There is need to set aside funds to acquire one.

This wallet is to keep your life-saving medicine on the go. It should, therefore, give you long mileage. A good organizer is there to last you a lifetime. It can be used by all ages and is made with high-quality material. Its zipper has to do its purpose and last long. You would not like moving around with a bag whose zipper is not working. You will be exposing expensive lifesaving drugs to spillage.

Internal structure
Each diabetes organizer brand has a particular way it’s made to operate. The internal structure an organizer is built with inside determines the way it performs its function. There are those which require refrigeration. And, some solely depend on coolers and ice packs. A diabetes organizer built with cooling panels works well as a fridge-on-the-go. It will keep your medicine refrigerated fresh. Go for this kind if your supplies are high temperature sensitive.

If all you want from an organizer is maintaining room temperature, go for one which uses an evaporative cooling system. It uses the evaporative cooling system to keep medication cool. This works in hot weather. Organizers of this kind operate without electricity. It’s more suitable for supplies which do not need refrigeration but can get spoilt in heat. A diabetes supply kit of this kind maintains medicine at a very warm room temperature. It had the ability to do this for a couple of days. You can go with this on vacation and not get disappointed. It gives you a whooping uptime of 72 hours.

For a diabetes supply case to be top rated, it needs to be convenient to use. Some qualities which make a good organizer include having extra padding for medicine vials. When this is tossed around or drops on the ground, its contents are safe. If it requires being put in a freezer, a drawstring is a good asset. It helps keep your diabetes supply case clean before you hit the road. One with compartments and straps to keep your things in order is also recommended.

You would not like it when an emergency occurs, and you have to rummage through the bag to pick that lifesaving medicine. There, the bag would not have done its purpose. Its sole purpose is to keep you organized in your diabetes management routine. It allows picking whatever supply you need within a jiffy.

The presence of strong internal straps is a great asset on any good diabetes organizer. It securely hold all your medical supplies in order. The straps keep insulin pens and vials well organized. Zipped pockets are useful for keeping syringes, wipes, or thyroid tabs. You get all your supplies organized that you will not have to panic in case you need to retrieve them urgently.
Others even let you see the actual temperature of your components. These use an electronic display to monitor the temperature. It’s very useful when moving with temperature-sensitive medicine. It gives you the freedom to keep checking whether your expensive medicine is still at the right temperature.

Diabetes organizers require different maintenance needs. To effectively perform their duties, they need to be handled in certain ways. There are those which require refrigeration. These have to be kept overnight in a freezer if you are going to use them the next day. They should be in the freezer for not less than12 hours. Upon reaching your destination, they need to be put in the freezer again. This prepares them on your next trip. So, be careful with these in case you go to places without electricity. You will be stuck with nowhere to free the diabetes organizer case from.

Meanwhile, there are diabetic supply cases which just need ice packs. These do not need to be put in a freezer before use. You can use them in places where there is no electricity. What you do is to add small ace packs to cool your insulin. They usually have an insulated compartment which acts as an insulin cooler. These work well in remote area where there is no electricity. They are mainly used to maintain room temperature for medication which gets bad in heat conditions.

Final word

Being organized with your supplies is a crucial part of a diabetes self-management strategy. Plus making you more prepared for emergencies, travel or going out. It’s always a great idea to be prepared just in case the unexpected happens. Diabetes can become severe within a short span. Always ensure that you are organized with your supply items by using a diabetes organizer.
Being diabetic should not be a detriment to actively living your life. You do not have to be confined to your house just because you medicine has to be at room temperature. Diabetic supply kit cases come in handy. Go out there and enjoy your life with your medicine safely tucked away in a diabetic organizer. Your expensive supplies is kept well from wasted. Further, use a diabetic organizer to store other supplies like wipes and syringes. Get prepared in case emergencies occur with supplies readily available in your kit bag.
On a vacation, at school or work, there’s no need to worry. Hope this guide has been helpful in preparing you on how to choose a diabetic supply kit. Go out there with enough knowledge of what you are looking for.