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Top 5 Diabetic Lotion Reviews- All you need to know about diabetes skin lotion

Looking for safe and effective diabetic lotion for dry skin or just to keep your skin healthy? We have spent close to 35 hours researching on the best lotion for diabetics and came up with an ultimate review.

Diabetes can affect any part of the body, including the skin. People with diabetes should take extra care of their skin to avoid skin complications. Do not hesitate to see you doctor if you start noticing skin problems. Diabetic skin complications can be brought under control if it is diagnosed and treated early. How does diabetes cause skin problems? There are two links

For one, high blood sugar levels is associated with dry skin. When the blood sugar levels are high, the body react by excreting a lot of water through urine. Chronic loss of fluids in the body makes the skin dry and even crack. Any cracks or breaks on the skin makes the skin more exposed to injuries and infections either fungal or bacterial.

 Dry skin is also as a result of damage to the nerves (neuropathy). This affects the nerves that control the sweat glands. It can decrease or complete absence of sweating resulting to dry cracked skin. Sweating helps to keep the skin soft and moist.

Diabetic lotion softens and smoothens rough dry skin, moisturizes and hydrates dry skin, it speeds up healing process and makes the skin healthier and resilient. Choosing a diabetic lotion that works out well for you and applying it every day is one of the easiest ways to prevent skin-related complications.

We have spent close to 35 hours researching on the best diabetic lotion and we came up with a review and an ultimate buyer’s guide. Our review is based on safety and effectiveness of the lotions. Read our review below and get yourself a diabetic lotion to start using it to maintain a healthy skin and feet.

Top 5 Diabetic Lotion Reviews

1. Gold Bond Ultimate Hydrating Lotion-diabetics skin lotion.

Diabetes can interfere with circulation of blood, depriving some parts of the skin oxygenated blood. This can lead to itching, drying and cracking of the skin.

 Gold Bond Ultimate Hydrating Lotion is specifically formulated to hydrate and nourish dry skin for diabetics. It contains seven intensive moisturizers to moisturize and soothe skin while adding a protective layer of moisture for 24 hours.

Gold bond ultimate lotion is made from aloe, hydrablast, vitamin A, Vitamin C and vitamin E. All this ingredients are essentially important. Aloe soothes and hydrates the skin; hydrablast draw moisture every day; vitamin A improves elasticity of the diabetic skin; vitamin C provides antioxidant benefits and lastly vitamin E enhances protection function of the skin and helps reduce moisture loss.

It is ideal for use daily and it can be applied all over the body. It has no harsh hydroxyl acids that can cause skin irritation.

Gold bond ultimate lotions for diabetics are ideal for body use since it is has superior features.


  • It is hypoallergenic.

  • Contains essential vitamins and aloe provides 24 hour moisturization and nourishment to the diabetic skin
  • Fragrance free.

  • It has been tested by Dermatologists.

  • Non-greasy
  • It reduces skin dryness.

  • Hydrates and nourishes the skin

  • Soothes uncomfortable skin

How to use?

Apply diabetic Gold bond ultimate hydrating lotion to dry, rough and cracking skin areas to reduce skin dryness and soothe uncomfortable dry skin.

2. Neoteric advanced healing cream

Neoteric advanced healing cream is specifically designed for diabetic feet.it provides therapeutic skin moisturization to chronic dry skin, damaged and cracked skin.

 This best diabetic foot cream has been demonstrated by dermatologist to improve circulation by strengthening the natural protective function of the skin and speed up healing process.one of the principal ingredients is triOxygenc which helps to tincture oxygen into your skin.


  • Absorbs very easily.

  • Speeds up healing process by strengthening the natural defense mechanism of the skin.
  • Moisturizes and protects diabetic foot.

  • Promotes healthier, robust and more resilient skin.

  • Non-greasy it helps to increase the skin’s natural collagen production and circulation.

  •  Protects and restores damaged, cracked and chronic dry skin.

How to use

Apply as prescribed by your physician. Daily use is recommended to help maintain the skin’s fluffy nature and healthy appearance.

3. Eucerin Diabetics’ skin relief body lotion-lotion for Diabetics.

Eucerin diabetic lotion is specially formulated to repair, enhance and protect your skin.it keeps the skin hydrated, healthy and comfortable for 24 hours.

 This diabetic lotion is non greasy and it is ornated with alpha hydroxyl and ceramide 3 which repairs, smoothens rough and hydrates dry skin.


  • Eucerin diabetics’ lotion for dry skin provides softer, smoother, comfortable and noticeably keeps the skin healthier giving you and your family confidence all day long.

  • Fragrance free.
  • This diabetic skin lotion is recommended by dermatologist as one of the best leading lotion for diabetic’s dry skin.

  • Clinically proven; provides 24 hour moisturization.

  • Relieves dry skin and improves overall skin condition after just one use.

  • Light weight and fast absorbing.
  • Paraben free.

How to use

Apply over dry, rough skin daily or as directed by the physician. For exemplary results, apply after showering or bathing. For additional care try Eucerin diabetics dry skin relief foot cream.

4. Diabetic Aid Pain and Tingling Relief Lotion.

Diabetes causes two known problems that can hurt your feet and legs.one damage is diabetic neuropathy; damage of nerves in feet and legs causing pain or infection. The second complication is poor blood circulation especially on feet and legs which makes it hard for a bruise or infection to heal. Washing and checking your feet for cuts or bruises should be a daily practice for diabetic individuals.

This will greatly reduce the chances of bruises, injuries and infections. Occasionally you may experience a tingling sensations in your hands and feet which can be very uncomfortable and painful.

With Diabetic aid pain and tingling relief lotion, those uncomfortable pain and tingling sensations can be relieved by applying the lotion.


  • Contains 4 essential moisturizers to relieve dry skin and keep skin healthy and moist.
  • It can help to relieve pain, numbness and uncomfortable tingling associated with diabetes.

  • Recommended by dermatologists as it contains no any ingredients that are considered harmful or dangerous to diabetics.

How to use.

For adults and children 3 years of age and older.

Apply the diabetic lotion to the affected areas every day. Don’t apply more than 3-4 times a day.

Children below 2 years old should consult a health expert for proper directions and recommendations.

5. Earth Therapeutics Tea Tree Oil Foot Balm~6 Oz

Earth therapeutics tea tree oil balm is specially formulated with finest ingredients such as extracts of chamomile, elder blossoms and geranium.it is designed to deodorize, soothe and repair rough, dry skin, damaged skin or worn-out feet.

With Earth therapeutics tea tree oil foot balm; pain as result of damaged skin, tired, worn-out feet and calluses can be alleviated. This diabetic skin lotion is one of the best lotion recommended by dermatologist since it has been clinically proved and tested by customers.


  • Soothes relief for uncomfortable itchy pain.

  • Deodorizes the skin.
  • Repairs dry and damaged skin.

  • Recommended by dermatologist.
  • Clinically tested and proven by health experts.

How it works.

Apply liberally all over the feet and hands. You can also apply it on knees, elbows and other dry skin areas. Apply the diabetic skin lotion daily for smoother, softer and healthier skin.

Diabetic lotion: factors to consider when buying.

Moisturizing Capability.

This is the most crucial factor to consider when purchasing a diabetic lotion. Diabetic’s skin is characterized by dry and cracked skin. The best diabetic lotion has a good moisturizing capability to hydrate and nourish dry skin. The skin should be well taken care of to avoid unnecessary skin complications and other serious problems.


It is good to settle for diabetic lotions that use natural ingredients such as aloe, ylang ylang oil and Extracts of chamomile to soothe and hydrate your feet.

Diabetics are prone to skin infections, it is important to go a diabetic lotion that uses antiseptic ingredients. Antiseptic in the lotion would kill bacteria and protect the feet from infection. Skin infections for a diabetic means it is too serious and at extreme cases it can lead to amputation.

Skin sensitivity

People with diabetes have varying skin types. Some are sensitive, thick, rough and thin. Diabetic lotions works differently on various skin types. The results would differ from one skin to the other. Consulting your dermatologist on the ideal lotion would greatly help you to get the best lotion for your skin.

Doctor and Customer reviews.

Dermatologist reviews and opinions will greatly assist you in choosing the best diabetic lotion for your skin. Customer opinions can also help you to make an informed decision on which best diabetic lotion to settle on.

The good thing is that there are high quality and pocket-friendly diabetic lotions in the market today. Check our Best recommendations above.

What is a diabetic lotion?

Diabetic lotion is a special type of lotion specifically formulated for diabetic’s dry skin.it is enriched with moisturizers to hydrate and soothe diabetic dry skin. There is a wide variety of diabetic lotions for dry skins available today in the market. People with diabetes are prone to skin complications than non-diabetics especially when their blood sugar levels rises. This explains why we have special types of lotions for diabetics. Some of the best lotions for diabetics include Gold bond diabetics dry skin relief lotion, Eucerin diabetics dry skin relief body lotion and diabetic aid and tingling relief lotion.

Can Diabetics Put Lotion on Their Feet?

Diabetics can apply moisturizers to their feet once or twice a day. This can help keep your feet hydrated and healthy .Diabetic foot creams are known to be the best moisturizer than thin or watery lotion. Read our comprehensive review on diabetic foot cream here.

Applying lotion between your toes is highly discouraged by dermatologist. The skin between the toes is naturally moist, putting more lotion will over moisturize the area. This makes it soft and vulnerable to abrasion. It can also lead to growth of fungus between the toes. It is important to wash your feet in warm water every day using a mild soap; dry your feet well, particularly between the toes before applying a moisturizer

 It is crucial not to apply excess moisturizer. Skin that is too soft and moist can tear or break down and becomes breeding grounds for infections.


People with diabetics are prone to skin complications. These skin-related problems can be prevented by keeping your diabetes under control. Diabetes can be managed by practicing simple habits everyday such as keeping your blood sugar levels within the range recommended by your Doctor; follow your doctor’s advice concerning exercise, nutrition and medication.it is weighty to ensure proper skin care to help reduce your risk of skin-related diabetic problems.

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