25 Thoughtful Gifts For Diabetics|Definitive Guide on Diabetic Gift Ideas

Whether we have a  friend or a family member with diabetes, there comes a time when you need to exchange gifts. Quite obviously on each other’s birthdays or just on random visits. It is ​imperative that you be selective in choosing gifts for people with diabetes. You have to pay attention to their health, social, and self-esteem needs. You will probably focus on something that will help them live a healthy life, a stress free life and a good social life full of growth. It is not a matter of storming into a shop and choosing whatever, but it has to be well thought of.  That’s why we’ll break it into three sections for you:

  • ​Health friendly gifts
  • ​Social growth gifts
  • ​Esteem building gifts and gifts that frees diabetics from stress

​Health-Friendly Gifts  For Diabetics.

1. Fit bit Charge

Just like any other condition, once you’re diagnosed with diabetes the first thing you’d want to know is how to manage it or treat it. Fit bit charge enables you to monitor your movements, heart rate, workouts, sleep, and  water intake . It enables you to know how much exercise you probably still need to do.

​It is a device that can be connected to your smartphone or computers and thus is very efficient in recording data of your day’s activity. If you got it as a gift for a diabetic, it would go a long way in helping them monitor their health comfortably. Fit bit charge is something you can put on like a wrist watch. There’s no need to worry about its portability.

​2. ​Glucose Monitor

A glucose meter is a device used to determine the approximate concentration of glucose in the blood. It is important to note that glucose meters come in different forms and therefore you should choose carefully. One touch Ultra 2 is one of the most popular glucose meters in the market and is recommendable. However, since there are so many other types you can still explore them. This device will help the diabetic keep their blood glucose level on check always. And that makes it a perfect gift for a diabetic in this case.

​3. ​​​​Diabetes B​ooks

Books are good gifts for everyone, especially people who could spend most of their time indoors or seated like diabetics. You can choose a book that addresses diabetes like ​Think like a pancreas by certified diabetes educator Gary Scheiner which would help in managing diabetes, getting insights on how best to live a healthy life with diabetes.

gifts for diabetics

​Alternatively, if he or she has a favorite author for example, you could get them a copy of one or two of their books. It’s so refreshing and relaxing to read your favorite’s mind and stories. Getting a book as a gift for diabetic is therefore something that can’t be ignored. Diabetic books would help your friend or relative to get more knowledge on diabetes and how to comfortably live with it.

​4. Diabetic Food Gifts

diabetic gifts

Food would probably be the least thing to think of for a diabetic but that’s not true. Diabetes is a widely researched disorder and therefore, much has been done to ensure even in the fast foods available in the market, the diabetics are not left out. And that’s why we have sugar free food. Anything that would interfere with one’s health is highly discouraged and therefore while choosing food gifts for a diabetic, one has to be very careful about it. you have to ensure that it’s either sugar free or the levels of sugars in it are within the permitted levels to the recipient.

​5. Citrus Press Machine​

More often than not, people tend to sip something while catching up with their friends or family. Most of the drinks available in the market are not diabetic friendly, and therefore to avoid the temptation of having to take sodas or fruit juices from the shops, a citrus press would be an ideal gift for your diabetic. This will enable them to make their own juice from fruits in the event that they don’t want to eat it as a fruit and also to boost their healthy eating. You realize that most readily available juices have very high contents of sugar and calories and that’s what you should avoid.

​6.​ Popcorn Machine

Popcorns are high in fiber and low in calories. Anything that is low in calories would be a perfect gift in this case. It’s high fiber content also makes it more suitable. Therefore, to avoid the need to always go and shop for popcorns, you could get a popcorn machine as a gift. This will not only safe on time and money spent on buying popcorns but also enables the patient to keep themselves busy. So that they can even make popcorns for leisure or for family. Keeping things simple and more fun in the kitchen makes cooking much easier and healthier.

​7. Sleep Sentry

Sleep sentry is a device that detects hypoglycemia. This often occurs due to an imbalance between food, exercise, medications and other activities. A low blood glucose can cause unconsciousness and therefore you should try as much as possible to avoid. Some cases of the same may require you to call for an ambulance. There’s also the need to understand how the sleep sentry works because it works as an alarm and is only meant to wake up the diabetic in such a scenario. Sleep sentry is intended to warn type 1 diabetics of low blood sugar levels, hypoglycemic reactions while they’re asleep. This makes it a good gift for diabetics in matters health. It will help them keep their blood sugar levels on check while they’re asleep.

​8. F​ood Blender

Simple and easily made nutritious food is what pretty much everyone likes, diabetic or not. A food blender would enable one to have a meal that is highly nutritious and because they’re making it themselves it enables them to limit the amount of sugars in their food thus making it healthy friendly. Much as you could still get blended food readily available in the market, you can’t be sure that the amounts of sugars in them are health friendly for diabetics and usually they’re not. This makes a food blender a perfect gift in this case. A multitasking food processor or blender also makes cooking easier thus creating more time for other activities like exercise or catching up with friends and family. Or even attending to other duties like office work. Nobody would like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Not even a diabetic.

​9.  Portion Control Tools/ Organizers

If you had an opportunity to cook in bulk, you’d definitely do so. The problem comes in when you can’t keep them in a good condition in an organized manner. This makes portion control tools good gifts for diabetics. It will enable them to keep their food in good portions in the fridge and also enhance the portioning so that they don’t end up consuming more than they should which would not be so good for their health. It also boosts the organization of their fridge or wherever they preserve their cooked food. Organization not only boosts your esteem but also confidence especially for people like them who are likely to have visiting friends and relatives regularly because of their condition.

​10.  Good Well Fitting Diabetic Slippers

One of the things that diabetics struggle with is swollen feet. This makes it uncomfortable for them to out on any other kind of footwear. Getting them a pair of well-fitting slippers that could fit their swollen feet in would be a perfect gift. This not only makes them comfortable, it also makes them look descent. It also reduces the chances of pain that could have been as a result of poorly-fitting footwear due to the swelling. There are quite a number of specially designed slippers of this kind. Inasmuch as the prices might be high, it is important to note that they not only make them comfortable but also helps them boost their health and take care of themselves s so that don’t keep hurting daily.

​11. Ice Cream Making Machine​

Ice cream is something that most of us love, especially an average child or a teenager. If you had a child with diabetes, an ice cream making machine would be the perfect gift idea because it’s hard to convince a child on how they are not supposed to consume just any other ice cream due to their health condition without having an alternative. The same way a child would want to give up on something they like, is the same way they would want welcome the other new thing. This therefore means that if you got an ice cream maker you’d would have an easy time in making your own ice creams with a limited amount pf sugars according to what you deem good for your child health. This not only boosts the health friendly eating habit but also helps to build a good relationship with your child when they can get ice creams made by you as their parent or guardian.

​12. Diabetes Supply Organizers or Insulin Travel Cases

Some diabetics are always moving from one place to another, it is therefore important to note that in as much as they need a bag to pack their diabetic products including the insulin pen, syringes, testing papers, and meter, they need something that’s descent from outside and also in the inside. Supply pack organizer is a compact insulin bag specially designed for a busy diabetic. It has enough space to accommodate everything an average diabetic would need. This helps to keep things in place and reduce stress that would come along with misplacing some of the things that they’d probably need urgently. This thus helps to build up their esteem because it boosts their organization and presentation. So that somebody would not feel bad for looking indecent because they have to carry their diabetic needs around with them

13. Diabetes alert Medical ID Jewellery 

Jewelries are one of the most popular gifts for ladies, diabetic or not. Jewelry is therefore the best gift you’d get for your diabetic friend.  A diabetic medical ID bracelet is important in emergency situations. In situation where symptoms of diabetes such as loss of consciousness and slurred speech develop, a diabetic bracelet helps identify that the person is diabetic. Appropriate action can be taken with right identification such as giving  the right medication and taken to hospital instead of to jail by police when you appear drunk.

 Apart from identification in emergency situations, a diabetic awareness jewelry could be a necklace or a wristband that has a positive message about diabetes. This would enable them to keep developing a good self-esteem so that they don’t imagine that life is so unfair to them. It is important to have people with diabetes understand that it is not the worst thing that could have happened to them and that they can thrive with the condition.  You can buy a diabetic medical ID jewellery or bracelet here

​14. Spa or Massage Retreat

​This is a perfect gift for a diabetic especially for a lady. If your loved one is a diabetic, you wouldn’t want to miss out in this. A massage retreat is not only good for diabetics but all of us. It keeps you relaxed and peaceful. This kind of a gift is really important as it will not only help them check on their health but also will create time for you to be together in a new environment which is quite relaxing and stress​ free. It is also important for the diabetics who spend most of their time on a wheelchair maybe, because of the deteriorating condition. It is very helpful and should actually be a must gift once in a while.

Social Growth Gifts For Diabetics

15. ​Sugar Free Movie Night

Movie nights are one of the most popular things. It feels good to be at the movies but it could be a headache for a diabetic because most of the things offered at the movies are no sugar-free. Actually, most of them are high in sugar and calories and therefore when going for the moves with a diabetic, you have to ensure that it is a sugar-free movie night. You wouldn’t to be there eating stuff and your friend can’t eat because everything there isn’t friendly to their health. It is therefore prudent to ensure that it is a sugar free night. This not only enables them spend time out but also to get a good opportunity to meet with their friends. In fact, you can invite the rest of the friends he or she has for the movies. This enables them to build their social lives altogether.

16. ​Music Concert Tickets

Music is also one of the most popular stress-relieving things. Music is not only relaxing but also refreshing. Getting your diabetic friend, a music concert ticket is one of the best things you could do. They should never miss their favorite’s concerts in essence. This helps them build up their social skills, and to learn to be comfortable among people. Music is a good medicine, both to the heart and soul and therefore it’s something that you should invest on. It is also important that you need to get them to the concerts with the genre of music they like or the kind of artists the like so that they don’t get there and start feeling out of place. It is therefore important that you should fully know the kind of people yo are dealing with and what they like and what they hate.

17. ​Camera

A camera is one of the most upcoming devices that every average person could have. It is therefore a perfect gift for a diabetic especially for men. Canon cameras are one of the most popular cameras and could be the best for you. Cameras will enable them to spend more time outdoors and that means that more walks which would help improving o their health.

gifts for diabetics

 Taking photos of something you like e.g. the nature is relaxing and helps them get out of the monotony of staying indoors or taking a break from work or any other routine work. Group pictures also encourage them to spend more time with people, friends and family and hence improving their social life.

 Possession of a good camera would naturally make you want to visit new places and take good photos of those places, this therefore means that someone who own s a camera would spend more time outdoors compared to someone who doesn’t own one. If you wanted to encourage outdoor activity, a camera would be a perfect gift in this case.

Esteem Building Gifts for Diabetics

18. Stadium entries

diabetic gift ideas

For a game lover, this would be the best thing. Most of the men are football lovers and therefore getting them a ticket to live stadium games would be awesome. Others love rugby, volleyball, basketball, cricket or boxing and the likes. It is therefore important to note that you have to be quite informed before you choose where to take them. Alternatively, you could still get them a payment a ticket to watch a game on theater provided it’s their favorite. This not helps them to relax but also to meet with new people and build up their social skills.

 19. ​Beauty Products

Diabetes gift ideas

It is everyone’s desire to look normal even when they aren’t. getting them beauty products would therefore be a great deal for them. This is not however, limited to ladies. You realize that diabetes tend to be pale and therefore you should invest in making them look their best as much as possible. There are many companies which major in producing ointments that are natural and skin friendly. You wouldn’t want to acquire something that would worsen the situation and therefore it is important that you pay a quality attention to what you want to acquire. This types of beauty products would help them keep their appearances normal and hence boosting their self-esteem and confidence wherever they are.

​20. Hugging Buddies

These are toys that could be the best for your children suffering from diabetes. They are giant dolls that most children love. It distracts children from boredom and therefore helps to keep them engaged. This keeps the child from engaging so many thoughts that could be unhealthy for him or her and enables the child to focus more on what surrounds him or her in this case his or her gift, the hugging buddy. The more the child stops thinking a lot about their health status the more their health becomes better. Hugging buddies are therefore a good gift for not only kids but also for diabetics who love dolls. It could be an adult who really loves giant dolls, which is equally good and of importance in helping them boost their self-esteem even as they live with diabetes. Having a diabetic child grow with a positive mindset is every parent’s hope and therefore it is their duty to ensure that they equally get the kind of support that they need. Hugging buddies are a great deal.

​21. Teddy Bears

​Teddy bears are one of the most popular gifts for children, ladies and loved ones. Teddy bears can be a gift to a non-diabetic or a diabetic. If you have no idea what to get for your loved one, teddy bears will serve you a great deal. It is therefore important to know that you can never go wrong on teddy bears. Teddy bears are easily available and are available at an affordable price. You cannot fail to have a gift with teddy bears around. The good thing about teddy bears is that they come in different sizes, colors and shapes. If you wanted to get a teddy bear for your kid, friend or even a diabetic workmate, you would have a wide range to choose from and that alone makes it a good gift pool to explore. You can always get them their favorite color, their preferred size and help them merry and boost their esteem.

​22. Eating Monster Dolls

Eating monster dolls could be scary but they are the best dolls for a child who is struggling with something in them. It is difficult for a child to share their thoughts with their parents mostly when they don’t really understand the situation they are in. it is therefore important to get them a monster eating dolls and train them to use it to eat their fears. For example, you could train them to be writing what bothers them, what scares them most especially now that they’re diabetic or how they think they are likely to become in the future, anything that scares them, anything that tends to shutter their dreams etc. and let the monster eater eats the fears. This helps you as a parent or guardian to discover what bothers your child.

​Final Word

The beautiful thing about all these gifts is that they are all readily available in the market and they go at affordable prices. Therefore, the next time you think of visiting a diabetic friend, don’t run out of options. Of course there are factors to consider, for example their favorite food, color, gender, their personality type etc. things you’d look into even if they weren’t diabetic. They go along in ensuring that you don’t make them feel that you gave them the gift because they were sick but rather appreciate the love in the sharing of the gift. Getting one of your favorite things or something you have always wished for from a significant person in your life is an awesome experience that’s why we encourage understanding.

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